Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Creating A Photo Essay

Creating a photo essay or picture is a group of related photographs organized to tell the story of an event or to give a detailed account of a personality, a place or an aspect of contemporary life. The photographic sequence is often accompanied by information or commentary in written form. Some photo essays include no words except the headline or title and perhaps a word or two to accompany each picture. Others provide information in a brief paragraph or two or in a series of connected longer captions. In all these cases, the pictures carry the main information. The words only support the message of the picture.

In another form of picture story, words and photos are of equal importance. Here a connected sequence of picture is embedded in a text. All picture stories begin with an idea and every element in the story should support that idea. The idea of a picture story can be stated in a sentence. Like the topic sentence, the picture story idea statement should give the topic and make a comment on it. Look at these two examples:

This is Centerville

Centerville’s rapid growth is creating safety hazards

The first sentence makes no comment about Centerville. It does not present an idea for the photo essay to illustrate.

Like a written composition, a photo essay needs to be organized so that it tells a story or explains or proves an idea effectively. The first step in organizing an essay is to choose the pictures that best illustrate the most important points about your idea that you wish to make

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Best Essay

For some of us completing the academics might be quite challenging with the financial background we have at home which might be very weak. In such cases, you might have the chance of proving your passion for attaining degree by your hard and smart work done on essay writings. The more you concentrate on effective writings the higher is the possibility of attaining scholarships in your college or university. You can do minimal research as to the types of essay topics that have won the scholarships in the past to have an understanding what you should do now.

Also if you have to be successful, you should select an essay topic in a field that you are doing specialization or else in the field that you have passion for. But again when you select your passion field, you should again select the topic that would have lots of contributions either to your college or else to the society through your essay writings. Of course you can also direct the writing in a way that would immediately show evidences that would fetch you in future career plans. It would be good to concentrate on the current events and topics that show you are very much active and are up to date with the current happenings in your surroundings.

Also you can concentrate on the social issues that would be a major issue for the government. The more number of feasible solutions that you provide to the social problem you have selected the more are the chances that you would get scholarship based on your essay writing. Also you can select a controversial problem at hand in college campus with the workable solution that is possible for the management in order to attain special scholarship from the college committee. Also you will have a chance of writing on essay topics that would let you project yourself and your talent in achieving certain goals that are coming up in future.

You should give a clear process that you would follow that would contain a logical sequence that will surely workout when it is implemented by anyone else. Thus you have multiple ways of selecting an essay topic that would win you scholarship.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

6 tips for writing a winning essay

Everybody wants to be a winner. Whether it is a college or a university student, success is always the most important things in their minds. For every college student though, college life is marked by a lot of writing and most of these make every student scared. However, there is no way that one can escape from such responsibilities as they are a part of the requirements for the assessment for every college student. It will be hard to graduate without having to write these papers and therefore you must know how to do it. It is important for every college student to understand some helpful tips that will be helpful for them to write a winning essay that will leave them with high grades at the end of the course. Below are some of the tips that could help you do this.

  • First, you should understand the rules and make sure that you have followed them closely. Once you have been given the paper or the assignment, read the instructions fully and understand what you are supposed to write about as well as the word count that you are expected to adhere to. Essay writing is very tricky such that if a student exceeds the word count given, then they are disqualified. Keep the rules.
  • Plan your time so as to be able to complete the assignment within the stipulated time. This is always a problem for many students as the lack proper time management skills. But you will need to be prepared well enough so as to complete the assignment within the given time. Divide you time and know how much of the same you need to write the 3 parts of the assay.
  • Think about different ideas and try to come up with a number of ideas to write an interesting essay.
  • Read essays from previous writer and especially those that have been successful. This will help you come up with helpful ideas on how to do your writing.
  • Write a good introduction for your essay. This is the winning part for any essay as the readers’ attention is always captured by the first paragraph. Your first sentence determines the effectiveness of your essay if you are supposed to write a short one.
  • Avoid spelling, grammatical errors in your writing. Winning essays can only d so if they are perfect.