Monday, December 24, 2012

10 ways to spend New Year’s Eve in college

         One of the worst things that campus students can ever be faced with is having to spend New Year’s Eve in the college premises. Of course there are those who feel that that is the best way to do it, but I am sure as hell that the majority of the campus students would prefer to spend that time with their parents and relatives.
The main reason why there is always a challenge when it comes to the issue of spending such a crucial day without your family premises is because of the things that you could be expected to do on such days. It is never an easy thing to realize that you can actually complete the day without the usual things that are always done at home. Nonetheless there are so many things that can be done to enjoy the day in college. Whereas some students may choose to watch movies, others may choose to play computer games while yet others would prefer to go to the field and play.
Other students could prefer to go swimming, while depending on a number of factors others could choose to drink alcohol and have sex the whole day long. In other quarters some of the students could prefer to just spoil each other with gifts and such like things. I don't know which is better, but I know somehow that the best thing that can be done is to make the day a memorable one.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

How to Advertise an Event in College

Students join campus with great excitement. This is because they have opportunities where they can start anew, make new friends and meet people from different cultures. They can also attend important campus events in the social calendar that allow them to relate with the “who-is-who” in campus. These events give them the chance to market their image especially to the fraternity houses that they desire to join. They also get to interact with the opposite sex and later form romantic relationships that extend even after campus. When the events are being planned, communicating the information to the students is a high priority for the planners. In this internet age, ways of communication have become cheaper with the introduction of the social media. With just a click of the button, students can create pages on Facebook advertising the event. Most students now communicate on Facebook, Twitter and Skype. This usually saves costs for the event planners because advertising on some of the social sites is free.

Other methods which can be used to advertise college events include posters and banners placed on strategic places on campus. These places include campus buses, school quadrangles and sport pitches. The students can also pass out fliers for the events or use word of mouth to communicate to the rest of the students. The universities also have media departments such as radio, television and newspapers. The students can advertise their events over this communication channels too. At the end of the day, in an enclosed student community, word of the event being held will eventually spread around.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Tips for College Students with Learning Disabilities

Students understand that receiving a college education is a very important factor in their lives. It is what helps them achieve their career goals and objectives. In universities, the environment is extremely different from what the students experienced in high school. The students are anticipated to be responsible for their own behavior and education. Their teachers and parents will have minimal contact and decision making in their lives. Students with learning disabilities such as dyslexia have added responsibility than their counterparts. Most universities have set up support services to help students with disabilities to feel encouraged to focus on their academic goals and succeed. It is important that they develop their own learning styles that strengthen their academic processing skills in order to keep up with the other students. They should also choose a flexible class timetable that suits them. This may depend on their lecturers’ teaching styles, class periods and assignments.

The students should ensure they balance out their less demanding classes with demanding ones. This makes their workload easier to undertake with less academic pressure. They can also purchase their textbooks and complete the important classes that are graduation requirements early in their course work. The students should also have a calendar where they can record what they need to do each day. This helps them plan their time adequately to work on the assignments they are given by their lecturers. It assists them to break down their research papers into manageable components such as research, outlines, rough drafts and others. Finally they should remember to take study breaks and avoid cramming their coursework.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Strategies for Writing Essays

There is no single way to writing an essay. That is a fact. But there are certain things that essays have in common – characteristics. If followed keenly, they can easily create a successful essay since writing an essay is an art that requires strategy. Below are some of the winning strategies for writing great essays.

Be original. There is no better way to making an essay stand out like a sore thumb than being original while writing it. Originality breeds uniqueness. When you write in a way that is not common or too mainstream, you literally go beyond surface observations. You become unique.

Have a point and stick to it. Writing an essay is all about having clear points and arguments, and sticking to them – until you conclude your paper. Try reading your essay, and then summarize it in one sentence to check whether it has a relevant point. If you cannot summarize, then neither can anyone else.

Spend time in thinking than in writing. Contrary to popular belief, writing an essay has never been hard. But thinking – what to write about – has always been. Think carefully what you want to write. And deeply examine your answers. Best essays begin with answering simple questions.

Keep your introductions brief. Most students are tempted to overwrite their introductions when given the chance to write an essay. That is detrimental. Formulating a strong and brief introduction is the best way to go instead. What matters most is the main point of your intro.

Demand excellence from every sentence you write. In other words, be strict with every word you put down to paper. If each sentence you write does not entice you to read the next then you have some work to do. Words – prior to being correctly written – should have a purpose. To evaluate your work, seek an opinion. Do not rely on yours only.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Finding a Job after College

         There is nothing that always presses down on the mind of students on their graduation day than the issue of finding a job after college. It is always easy to convince a student to work hard in campus and get good grades. It is however very difficult to convince a student that life can be worthwhile if he gets through campus but can’t land a job sooner rather than later. Nonetheless there are a number of things one can do to ensure the search for a job isn’t as long as it has the potential of being.
            The first thing that the potential employee should look for is the graduation placement office in his or her university. Such an office may be of help to the student in question because it is always involved in receiving job opportunities from corporate organizations and firms. It is also important that the students make their hunt of a job known to all their family members and friends for sakes and purposes of increasing the search network. If that includes making their search for a job known on Facebook or twitter then so it should be.
            The employee-to-be should also be free to look at the places he has interned or researched for as this always puts him ahead of the queue when it comes to job considerations with his peers. The job ‘searcher’ would also do well to look at large online sites that offer genuine job offers; the small sites that offer opportunities should also not be overlooked. Such people should desire to look for opportunities from anywhere and everywhere they can think of-by hook or crook if you will. More importantly, the person in question shouldn’t be afraid of making use of their parents’ network. It may just be the thing to help them land a job.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

The most educated countries in the world

Education is a process of being self-enlightened in order to eradicate illiteracy. Many countries have developed policies and laws to improve various sectors of education for example school infrastructure and training systems. Research according to the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) has shown that countries which spend aggressively on education are privileged to have the highest literacy rates.
Canada has become a force to reckon with in education. This is because there is minimal discrepancy between students along the cultural, social and racial divide. Provincial departments representing the government are responsible for developing the curriculum, determining major education policies and maintaining high standards in education. Currently, 50 percent of the population is estimated to have obtained tertiary education. The Gross Domestic Product (GDP) per Capita which is considered as an indicator to a country’s standard of living is estimated at 40000 dollars.
Israel gives great importance to education despite the decline in recent years of the number of students graduating from tertiary universities. It’s still considered as one of the top most educated countries in the world with a graduate population of 45 percent and a GDP per Capita of 29000 dollars approximately.
Japan has set itself apart by aggressively competing with the west in technology and finance sectors. Their curriculum is famous for expecting the students to know the history of another country better than their own. The students are funded equitably and have the same curriculum. The tertiary population is estimated at 44 percent with a GDP of approximately 34000 dollars.
The United States has been considered to have a strong and mandatory education system. The state has even approved private home schooling programs. It has the highest tertiary graduates coming from well-established and renowned universities such as Harvard, Oxford, Princeton and many more. The percentage population with tertiary education is estimated to be 41 percent with a GDP of approximately 47000 dollars.
New Zealand’s education system is based on co-relation between national education and income equality. They have created a Qualification Authority Board that has set a harmonized Qualifications Framework extending from basic to tertiary training. The population with tertiary education is estimated to be at 40 percent with their GDP being approximately 30000 dollars.
 In South Korea the previous education system was restricted to a privileged group when the Japanese colonized part of the country. They shut out the Koreans from obtaining higher education. When Japan left the country, they determined to re-start their education system. Currently 39 percent of its population has attained tertiary education with a GDP of approximately 30000 dollars.
            Norway is considered as one of the wealthiest countries globally. Almost 7 percent of their GDP funds the education system. The population of graduates from tertiary institutions is approximately 37 percent and with a GDP per Capita of 57000 dollars.
The United Kingdom is among the most educated countries. This is because it is renowned for its reputation as a globally leading research power measured by total citations and publications. Currently its GDP per Capita is estimated at 36000 dollars and a tertiary graduate population of 37 percent.
            Australia’s need for maintaining their standard of living led them to invest heavily in their education standards. They obtained a decentralized education system similar to Canada. Their current tertiary population is approximately 37 percent with a GDP of approximately 41000 dollars.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Tips for Effective Note-Taking

           In order to be effective in note-taking, one must attend his or her classes promptly without any failures. When attending a class you must be fully prepared with your note books, writing materials and writing pens. The use of note books which are easily moved from one page to another facilitates revision of the learnt topic to be possible. Highlight the important topics and words which you might refer to, at later date or hour.
            To make sure you’re fully prepared, read materials or notes that were given at a later date by the lecturer. Improving your skills of listening is also important; this can only be achieved by having a positive attitude towards education and class attendance. Always focus since no learning takes place without focus. Being adaptive in class also helps a big role in enhancing effective note making.  In order to achieve effective note taking, you must come up with or rather develop a note taking style that suit you. This can be achieved by starting fresh notes on a fresh page, dating you work and leaving room for comments at the end of the class. Abbreviate your notes and use symbols for easier revision.  One must pay close attention to the contents being learned in class, such as; definitions, listings things which have been discussed and paying close to repeated information.
             After notes have been written, the necessary revision and editing must be done. Make the required review within a given span of time maybe, before a day ends. Ruling out those words that do not make sense also is important by highlighting them using a different pen from the one used when making notes. It is important to note something that you do not understand as well comparing your notes with the text book notes to come up with concrete notes. At the end of it all, you might also consider typing or rewriting your notes to make them more appealing.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Ideas for your Personal Essay Topics

          Martin Luther King Jnr once said that if a man is called to be a street sweeper he should sweep the streets so well so that long after he is gone all the starry hosts of heaven and earth will look back and say there lived a great street sweeper. That is a paraphrase of the quote so please don’t hang me if you feel I have said-or written-it wrongly. The point of the matter however is that one needs to give his all in whatever circumstance he is in and in whatever career field he is. It is the same thing that should be applied when thinking of writing your personal essays.
            The topics chosen for your personal essays need to come from your forte, from your stronghold, from the things that you are very comfortable talking about. This is important, very important if you ask me, because it liberates you and enables you give your very best. For instance, you could easily choose to describe a significant experience that impacted greatly upon your life like your accomplishments, your struggles in life if any and so on. This is always a very good way of choosing a topic as it brings the best out of you, more so when it comes to vivid descriptions.
            Another thing to consider when looking around for personal essay topics perhaps could be the moment(s) of epiphany in your life; think of your reactions then and put them down. A description of your interests in life, the rationale or reason behind your interests, your funny childhood experiences, the type of friends you keep and how they would characterize you and so on could also be a good source of personal essay topics. Your future ambitions and aspirations could also form a very source of topics for your personal essays. The point is that the topics chosen should be things you can easily identify with and also if possible the things you have experienced in life; you can never go wrong with that. Many years after you are long gone people could also look back and say that there lived a great essayist.  

Monday, July 2, 2012

How to end your essay

           Every essay has a beginning and an end. The ending of an essay is what is referred to as a conclusion. Since it is the end of the essay it should not be hastily concluded. It should be concluded in a way that the essay makes an impact even as it comes to the end. The conclusion should support your general ideas in a brief way. This conclusion should provide closure as opposed to leaving more questions.
            Linking the first paragraph to the last paragraph is a good way to end your essay. This is especially effective if the topic comprised of a question that begged an answer. Another way to end it is by concluding your message with a proverb, saying or idiom that suits the moment. The conclusion should have a hint of dramatic effect. This is something that always strikes the reader. The conclusion should also consist of main points made of facts. It is not meant to be a summary of the essay.
            It is also important for you to re-emphasize your thesis or stand. It should not be repeated in the same words. However you should explain the reason as to why you chose certain material to support your thesis. It may also be appropriate to show your reasons for disputing anything that opposes your thesis. You can also include questions that will redirect your reader to your thesis. This will convince them more that you thesis is correct. The conclusion should ensure the reader remembers your argument for a longer time.  

Friday, June 15, 2012

Worst student essay topics

             Students can come with a lot of topics to write on when it comes to their essays. This can range from  topics learned in class to other contemporary topics. There are the best and the worst topics which students write on. The worst ten topics may include writing essays about twitter and how they tweet. This may include discussions in tweeted topics, and many of them may turn out just to be the worst topics ever being written. Topics about how one spent their summer vacations are also among the ten worst topics ever being written.
             A student may try to come up with interesting topics but you can never really explore extensively stories about vacations and holidays.  Writing about getting essays for a certain site is also difficult and can also be rated as a bad essay topic or title. Essays about poking each other in face book and other social media cannot make sense to the reader who may be interested in obtaining useful information from the essay.  Describing something that your grandfather has on his toe is also a bad choice of essay topic. It does not follow any given type of essay and can even result to be boring.
             There are many sites in the internet, so there is no use of writing only about your ten favorite’s sites. The discussion will not be fully discussed therefore leaving some important bits.  An essay no matter the topic needs to be specified. For example you can be told to write an essay with five hundred words, it has not been specified if the words are supposed to be repeated or not. Worst essay topics are those areas that do not need to be written about because they either do not make sense or everyone is already aware about the whole thing.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Getting Help around You for Writing Your Essay

Writing an essay with a pleasant mood and without any obstacles on the way is something that is not imaginable for the students because they are of the view that these assignments have been designed to get them scared of their studies. The main thing that helps the students grow in their studies and getting their assignments done in a simply smoother way is that they get help and coordination from the environment around them. Their environment is their best teacher. So, they should learn maximum from the environment. At the same time as the environment is their teacher, it is the responsibility of those within their charge to provide a learning environment. The parents and the teachers play the most important role here. If they provide a lucrative as well as comprehensively learning environment, they would see that they have really delivered to their children as a student.

Essay writing is one of those very few assignments that just take a start right away from the primary classes that the students have to go through. At the initial levels, the students only have to deal with simple essay writing dealing with some paragraphs only but as they proceed with their academic maturity, the maturity of essays also develops.

The students can get help from their parents in respect of essay writing. What is that type of help? It is the responsibility of the parents that they give their time to their children as if they were their teachers. The parents must pass some time conveying some lessons to their children. It would also help the parents take an oversight of their children as to how they are performing in respect of their academic assignments. The essay writing is the simplest and a very enjoyable thing that the parents can work out with the students.

The teachers should give incentives of applause and good grades for writing good assignments. Most of the teachers do that but to the extent of applauding only brilliant students. They should actually give attention to each and every student so that the collective result of the class could be more than ever good too. They should carry out some curricular activities that polish their writing skills right from the start.

It is the responsibility of the institutes as well to polish the writing capabilities of the students. There should be essay writing competitions and the winners should be appreciated with an aim of exciting and motivating other students to perform better for the next time.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Buying a Custom Essay Online - What Should You Do?

There are more than good numbers of students who never welcome assignments on day to day basis. They are in fact fed up with the studies. This attitude has been found developed within some good students as well when they have to abide by the college or school administration rules for the submission of the assignments on regular basis. There are many institutes that have the policies of assigning the students with lots of tasks, especially the writing tasks. The students are required to submit essays, term papers, research papers and other assignments regularly. These are the circumstances that can create fuss into the minds of the students. They might feel it insecure to go for these assignments because they might think the administration and the teachers worth nothing but ignoring. This might result into the bad impact of the teachers and the administration.

However, there might be some circumstances on the part of the student that he or she can’t go for writing because of other more emergent tasks. There might occur some unavoidable circumstances that might trigger the student opt for the right action and that is resorting to the alternative to writing an assignment. The regular essays that are stereotypical and do not require that much hard work can be done without any difficulty but where the student has to deal with a head scratching and long assignment, it is better to look for the alternative.

The best alternative in this type of circumstances is the custom essay writing service online where it is easy to get your assignments done on your part with the complete safety, security and quality. So, you are actually going to avail of the custom writing services for your assignment, right? But let me tell you that you need to think some very important points well before going to place the order. The first thing is that you must evaluate the time urgency and your availability to write instead of getting a custom essay written online from a person whom you really don’t know and you don’t know how competent that person is in writing that type of assignments. Moreover, if you think that you are not capable, you should think whether you can develop that element into you within some very inflexible time or not. These two things when evaluated unbiased would let you find out the decision as to buying the custom essay online or not!