Thursday, July 11, 2013

How to Become an Effective Learner

Learning and understanding takes time. It is not defined by time or the amount of content you read. Becoming an effective learner is what leads to better understanding of the concepts you are being taught in class. It depends with the course you are doing. A science course demands for more time when compared to an English literature class. An effective learner has must be able to retain, recall and transfer the information taught when they are doing tests and exams. Don’t get tired of learning over and over again. Let your learning schedule be as consistent as possible.

Employing different ways will also boost learning. Use both verbal and visual skills at your disposal. This is where you tell a story you saw to a friend or scribble down what you can remember. Teach other students if you have time. It helps cement the knowledge in your memory. While teaching another person it helps hearing them out. If you have a chance to go to a practical class, go for it. This helps students pursuing science courses. Make a habit of relating the information you know with what has been taught. That’s how you become an effective learner. 

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Make your resume look perfect
         Have you ever asked yourself what resume is all about? Have you ever wondered on how you can make your resumes very good and pleasant? There are so many things you have to put in to consideration so as to make it look perfect. Remember when you write good resume, you can be granted chance in the job of which you are applying for. It is therefore very important that you struggle and give it your all.
            However, not all can handle resumes. There are some people who are very good in their job career but are not able to write resumes. It is a fact known that the number of individuals looking for the employment outnumbers the vacancies that exist in the job market. Just the way everything in this world is, it is all about a competition we have a winner and a looser. However in case of job hunting, we have winners and losers. No one wants to fall among the category of losers. It is for this reason that one can do anything to prove himself or herself better than any other applicant. Therefore when one is writing his or her resumes they try to make it as informative and superb as possible. This can make them to be among the first chosen few to be given the opportunity. The resume should prove to them that you are very able to handle the tasks that await you.
            To answer the question how you can go about your resumes, there are several online companies that have come up to help you with your resumes. These companies make use of the professional writers who will ensure that they write for you eye catching resumes. With their aid, you can be assured of the opportunity at the company. 

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Tips for Writing under Pressure

Pressure situations in life are considered to be life changing because it drives individuals to make quick decisions. It could be in business, social aspects or even life threatening situations. Career persons such as doctors understand the aspect of pressure in their every day work situations. Investment brokers too understand the concept of pressure. This is because the call to buy or sell financial shares on the stock market can lead to a great loss or profit.  Pressure can also be viewed as a good source of motivation because it leads individuals to make life changing decisions. Organizations give their employees deadlines in order to measure how they will react. Their temperaments in dealing with situations can give them a well deserved promotion or a shameful demotion. It is therefore imperative that individuals learn to control their tempers, so that they may not regret the outcomes in the end.
Students endure pressure when they have been given a huge workload by their lecturers. At the same time, they could also be preparing for their examinations. This places great pressure on them that they end up having sleepless nights and poor eating habits. Authors, journalists and other types of writers face deadlines from their publishing houses. This places pressure on them to deliver their works on time or else they may end up facing legal charges. Writing pressure can lead to heath issues such as stomach ulcers, stress and even depression in an individual. Individuals should come up with strategies that help them deal with the pressures they face as they write. This may include resting and taking some time off from writing. Individuals should also sleep adequately in order for their minds to recharge. It is also good to delegate tasks to various people in order to share in the burden and therefore lighten the load. It is also good for individuals to divide their time to cater for all their writing aspects as well as personal obligations.
 When in a panicked situation, it’s important for individuals to take a deep breath and calm down. This will help them to accomplish at least three quarters of their assignment or examination. Students should also ensure that they write down their answers. It might not be the correct answer, but it is usually better than leaving an answer section blank. When time is almost up, it is important to spend the remaining time proofreading your work and editing. Over the course of time, it’s important to train yourself to work well under pressure.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

What is a Metaphor?

In our day to day life activities, we are always in search of things that will make us feel satisfied and fulfilled. We view a new day as a new beginning in our lives. Our conversations are usually laced with words of positivism in order for us to push through the day in a joyous manner. Words are usually a powerful tool in building or destroying relationships. The tongue is viewed as one of the smallest part of the body, but it can be a dangerous weapon if used inappropriately. The words that come out of our mouths are usually communicated effectively to the recipients through our tongues. Our languages are usually also filled with metaphors. These are figures of speech that tend to decorate our conversations. They help the readers or listeners to portray an image of two dissimilar things that share something in common.
An individual can describe themselves as a rooster, meaning that they are early risers in the morning. This has led many scholars over the centuries to come up with poetic books. Artistic individuals such as painters, musicians have used metaphors to describe their music and painting. For instance, when the Caribbean singer Rihanna launched her album “Good Girl Gone Bad”, it didn't have to take a genius to figure out that the name represented a musical transition in her life. Authors have come up with titles such as “Where is my Adam?” to represent the illusion of love that the female species undergo when they are searching for their Mr. Right. Metaphors are found also in various advertising campaigns and organization’s slogans. For instance, the current slogan for Coca Cola’s campaigns is “Open Happiness”. This attracts the consumers to deduce that when they drink a coke soda, they will be refreshed to the point of actually evoking happiness in themselves.
Poets have also used metaphors to represent various aspects of life that individuals undergo. For instance “Take the path less traveled  or “In a journey, the best path is the one formed alone”. This is in order to encourage people to think big, and outside the box when it comes to their careers and innovations. This form of thinking has led to legends being formed in various industries such as the Late Steve Jobs of the Apple Inc. company. Music legends have also been born such as the Late Michael Jackson, The Late Bob Marley and others. This is partly due to their use of metaphors in their music, which relate to the daily aspects of life that people go through. Metaphors are important, and they will always remain so presently, and in future.

Monday, January 14, 2013

What to do on your winter vacation

           There are so many things that campus students and indeed high school students always plan to do when they go home for the winter holidays, but it is always a hard thing to come to terms to if it is not planned for when all is said and done. In essence it is always good if a student considers what he needs to do before considering what he or she needs in life and such like things.
            There are many places that one can go to during such times, one of which is the issue of industrial attachments and such like things. It is never an easy thing to grasp if you consider it well, but my thinking tells me that people-and many people who include students and what have you-need to make it a point of their own to plan for their vacations, which ultimately include the winter vacations and what not.
            It is for that reason that I feel that it is possible that somebody plans to make use of their holiday, even it means resting and what have you. I have tried talking to you but I have ultimately failed in that bid and there isn’t much I can do about it. I have tried doing all I can but as has always been the case for people who matter in life the students have always made a mess out of something nice. I cherish good plans from the bottom of my heart and that is how it shall always be. 

Monday, December 24, 2012

10 ways to spend New Year’s Eve in college

         One of the worst things that campus students can ever be faced with is having to spend New Year’s Eve in the college premises. Of course there are those who feel that that is the best way to do it, but I am sure as hell that the majority of the campus students would prefer to spend that time with their parents and relatives.
The main reason why there is always a challenge when it comes to the issue of spending such a crucial day without your family premises is because of the things that you could be expected to do on such days. It is never an easy thing to realize that you can actually complete the day without the usual things that are always done at home. Nonetheless there are so many things that can be done to enjoy the day in college. Whereas some students may choose to watch movies, others may choose to play computer games while yet others would prefer to go to the field and play.
Other students could prefer to go swimming, while depending on a number of factors others could choose to drink alcohol and have sex the whole day long. In other quarters some of the students could prefer to just spoil each other with gifts and such like things. I don't know which is better, but I know somehow that the best thing that can be done is to make the day a memorable one.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

How to Advertise an Event in College

Students join campus with great excitement. This is because they have opportunities where they can start anew, make new friends and meet people from different cultures. They can also attend important campus events in the social calendar that allow them to relate with the “who-is-who” in campus. These events give them the chance to market their image especially to the fraternity houses that they desire to join. They also get to interact with the opposite sex and later form romantic relationships that extend even after campus. When the events are being planned, communicating the information to the students is a high priority for the planners. In this internet age, ways of communication have become cheaper with the introduction of the social media. With just a click of the button, students can create pages on Facebook advertising the event. Most students now communicate on Facebook, Twitter and Skype. This usually saves costs for the event planners because advertising on some of the social sites is free.

Other methods which can be used to advertise college events include posters and banners placed on strategic places on campus. These places include campus buses, school quadrangles and sport pitches. The students can also pass out fliers for the events or use word of mouth to communicate to the rest of the students. The universities also have media departments such as radio, television and newspapers. The students can advertise their events over this communication channels too. At the end of the day, in an enclosed student community, word of the event being held will eventually spread around.