Friday, June 15, 2012

Worst student essay topics

             Students can come with a lot of topics to write on when it comes to their essays. This can range from  topics learned in class to other contemporary topics. There are the best and the worst topics which students write on. The worst ten topics may include writing essays about twitter and how they tweet. This may include discussions in tweeted topics, and many of them may turn out just to be the worst topics ever being written. Topics about how one spent their summer vacations are also among the ten worst topics ever being written.
             A student may try to come up with interesting topics but you can never really explore extensively stories about vacations and holidays.  Writing about getting essays for a certain site is also difficult and can also be rated as a bad essay topic or title. Essays about poking each other in face book and other social media cannot make sense to the reader who may be interested in obtaining useful information from the essay.  Describing something that your grandfather has on his toe is also a bad choice of essay topic. It does not follow any given type of essay and can even result to be boring.
             There are many sites in the internet, so there is no use of writing only about your ten favorite’s sites. The discussion will not be fully discussed therefore leaving some important bits.  An essay no matter the topic needs to be specified. For example you can be told to write an essay with five hundred words, it has not been specified if the words are supposed to be repeated or not. Worst essay topics are those areas that do not need to be written about because they either do not make sense or everyone is already aware about the whole thing.