Thursday, July 11, 2013

How to Become an Effective Learner

Learning and understanding takes time. It is not defined by time or the amount of content you read. Becoming an effective learner is what leads to better understanding of the concepts you are being taught in class. It depends with the course you are doing. A science course demands for more time when compared to an English literature class. An effective learner has must be able to retain, recall and transfer the information taught when they are doing tests and exams. Don’t get tired of learning over and over again. Let your learning schedule be as consistent as possible.

Employing different ways will also boost learning. Use both verbal and visual skills at your disposal. This is where you tell a story you saw to a friend or scribble down what you can remember. Teach other students if you have time. It helps cement the knowledge in your memory. While teaching another person it helps hearing them out. If you have a chance to go to a practical class, go for it. This helps students pursuing science courses. Make a habit of relating the information you know with what has been taught. That’s how you become an effective learner.