Wednesday, January 30, 2013

What is a Metaphor?

In our day to day life activities, we are always in search of things that will make us feel satisfied and fulfilled. We view a new day as a new beginning in our lives. Our conversations are usually laced with words of positivism in order for us to push through the day in a joyous manner. Words are usually a powerful tool in building or destroying relationships. The tongue is viewed as one of the smallest part of the body, but it can be a dangerous weapon if used inappropriately. The words that come out of our mouths are usually communicated effectively to the recipients through our tongues. Our languages are usually also filled with metaphors. These are figures of speech that tend to decorate our conversations. They help the readers or listeners to portray an image of two dissimilar things that share something in common.
An individual can describe themselves as a rooster, meaning that they are early risers in the morning. This has led many scholars over the centuries to come up with poetic books. Artistic individuals such as painters, musicians have used metaphors to describe their music and painting. For instance, when the Caribbean singer Rihanna launched her album “Good Girl Gone Bad”, it didn't have to take a genius to figure out that the name represented a musical transition in her life. Authors have come up with titles such as “Where is my Adam?” to represent the illusion of love that the female species undergo when they are searching for their Mr. Right. Metaphors are found also in various advertising campaigns and organization’s slogans. For instance, the current slogan for Coca Cola’s campaigns is “Open Happiness”. This attracts the consumers to deduce that when they drink a coke soda, they will be refreshed to the point of actually evoking happiness in themselves.
Poets have also used metaphors to represent various aspects of life that individuals undergo. For instance “Take the path less traveled  or “In a journey, the best path is the one formed alone”. This is in order to encourage people to think big, and outside the box when it comes to their careers and innovations. This form of thinking has led to legends being formed in various industries such as the Late Steve Jobs of the Apple Inc. company. Music legends have also been born such as the Late Michael Jackson, The Late Bob Marley and others. This is partly due to their use of metaphors in their music, which relate to the daily aspects of life that people go through. Metaphors are important, and they will always remain so presently, and in future.

Monday, January 14, 2013

What to do on your winter vacation

           There are so many things that campus students and indeed high school students always plan to do when they go home for the winter holidays, but it is always a hard thing to come to terms to if it is not planned for when all is said and done. In essence it is always good if a student considers what he needs to do before considering what he or she needs in life and such like things.
            There are many places that one can go to during such times, one of which is the issue of industrial attachments and such like things. It is never an easy thing to grasp if you consider it well, but my thinking tells me that people-and many people who include students and what have you-need to make it a point of their own to plan for their vacations, which ultimately include the winter vacations and what not.
            It is for that reason that I feel that it is possible that somebody plans to make use of their holiday, even it means resting and what have you. I have tried talking to you but I have ultimately failed in that bid and there isn’t much I can do about it. I have tried doing all I can but as has always been the case for people who matter in life the students have always made a mess out of something nice. I cherish good plans from the bottom of my heart and that is how it shall always be.