Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Strategies for Writing Essays

There is no single way to writing an essay. That is a fact. But there are certain things that essays have in common – characteristics. If followed keenly, they can easily create a successful essay since writing an essay is an art that requires strategy. Below are some of the winning strategies for writing great essays.

Be original. There is no better way to making an essay stand out like a sore thumb than being original while writing it. Originality breeds uniqueness. When you write in a way that is not common or too mainstream, you literally go beyond surface observations. You become unique.

Have a point and stick to it. Writing an essay is all about having clear points and arguments, and sticking to them – until you conclude your paper. Try reading your essay, and then summarize it in one sentence to check whether it has a relevant point. If you cannot summarize, then neither can anyone else.

Spend time in thinking than in writing. Contrary to popular belief, writing an essay has never been hard. But thinking – what to write about – has always been. Think carefully what you want to write. And deeply examine your answers. Best essays begin with answering simple questions.

Keep your introductions brief. Most students are tempted to overwrite their introductions when given the chance to write an essay. That is detrimental. Formulating a strong and brief introduction is the best way to go instead. What matters most is the main point of your intro.

Demand excellence from every sentence you write. In other words, be strict with every word you put down to paper. If each sentence you write does not entice you to read the next then you have some work to do. Words – prior to being correctly written – should have a purpose. To evaluate your work, seek an opinion. Do not rely on yours only.