Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Easy Essay Writing Tips

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ALDOUS Huxley, an English novelist and critic, one said that an essay is a “literary device for saying almost everything about almost anything.”

If this is the case, then why allow the thought of putting pen to paper frighten you? Why some people find it hard to write essays?

In writing let’s say a custom essay—an essay type that’s descriptive in nature and deals with a specific topic—there are no definite steps, but following some tips might be useful, and here are some of them:

Add spice. Worn-out topics for essays or custom essays seem to be boring, but you can add flavor to them by having a creative approach, or make it sound interesting—you’re on your way to becoming a very good writer!

Be yourself. Write from your heart, from your soul and from your past experiences in life—if you get to do this, your essays would simply stand out.

Prefer the simple over the complex. Most people think of highfalutin words to produce well-written essays or custom essays. Why use “edifice” when you can say “building?” Why say “conflagration” when you can use the word “fire?” Use simple words so that your readers could easily get your point.

Start with a bang. Whether it’s an essay or a custom essay that you will be writing about, bear in mind that the intro of your essay should immediately capture the interest of your readers, so allot more time in making a very strong introduction.

The body must speak about your introduction. The succeeding paragraphs of your essays or custom essays must say something about your opening sentence.

Make use of transition. To maintain the logical flow of your essays, you may use shifting phrases such as “meanwhile, hence, since, etc.”

End with an explosion. The concluding part of your essays is crucial as it’s your final chance to influence or convey something to the readers. Relate your conclusion to your introduction to build a sense of balance by re-stating some of your opening phrases.

Writing is re-writing. Revise everything in your essays that needs further improvement. Be patient, as correcting your work may require a lot of time. You also have the option of having your essays or custom essays edited “professionally” by seeking the help of a grammarian (a teacher) or technical writers to perk up your style, choice of words, tone, etc., and guarantee that your piece of writing will be remarkable.