Monday, July 2, 2012

How to end your essay

           Every essay has a beginning and an end. The ending of an essay is what is referred to as a conclusion. Since it is the end of the essay it should not be hastily concluded. It should be concluded in a way that the essay makes an impact even as it comes to the end. The conclusion should support your general ideas in a brief way. This conclusion should provide closure as opposed to leaving more questions.
            Linking the first paragraph to the last paragraph is a good way to end your essay. This is especially effective if the topic comprised of a question that begged an answer. Another way to end it is by concluding your message with a proverb, saying or idiom that suits the moment. The conclusion should have a hint of dramatic effect. This is something that always strikes the reader. The conclusion should also consist of main points made of facts. It is not meant to be a summary of the essay.
            It is also important for you to re-emphasize your thesis or stand. It should not be repeated in the same words. However you should explain the reason as to why you chose certain material to support your thesis. It may also be appropriate to show your reasons for disputing anything that opposes your thesis. You can also include questions that will redirect your reader to your thesis. This will convince them more that you thesis is correct. The conclusion should ensure the reader remembers your argument for a longer time.  

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