Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Tips for Effective Note-Taking

           In order to be effective in note-taking, one must attend his or her classes promptly without any failures. When attending a class you must be fully prepared with your note books, writing materials and writing pens. The use of note books which are easily moved from one page to another facilitates revision of the learnt topic to be possible. Highlight the important topics and words which you might refer to, at later date or hour.
            To make sure you’re fully prepared, read materials or notes that were given at a later date by the lecturer. Improving your skills of listening is also important; this can only be achieved by having a positive attitude towards education and class attendance. Always focus since no learning takes place without focus. Being adaptive in class also helps a big role in enhancing effective note making.  In order to achieve effective note taking, you must come up with or rather develop a note taking style that suit you. This can be achieved by starting fresh notes on a fresh page, dating you work and leaving room for comments at the end of the class. Abbreviate your notes and use symbols for easier revision.  One must pay close attention to the contents being learned in class, such as; definitions, listings things which have been discussed and paying close to repeated information.
             After notes have been written, the necessary revision and editing must be done. Make the required review within a given span of time maybe, before a day ends. Ruling out those words that do not make sense also is important by highlighting them using a different pen from the one used when making notes. It is important to note something that you do not understand as well comparing your notes with the text book notes to come up with concrete notes. At the end of it all, you might also consider typing or rewriting your notes to make them more appealing.

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