Thursday, July 31, 2008

Kids Praise Grandparents through Essays

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WHAT a better way for the children of North Dakota, in the United States, to show love for their grandparents, than to write essays!

At North Dakota's State Fair held last July 18 to 26, a lot of children were invited to write an essay about their favorite seniors, their grandparents.

Many fourth and fifth graders from around North Dakota took part in the competition: All of them submitted essays answering the question-cum-essay writing contest theme, "Why are your grandparents the best?"

Fair official Shannon Pearson said paying respect to hundreds of grandparents was something they really wanted to do for this year's North Dakota State Fair. They decided to come up with a competition for writing essays about grandparents "because clearly everyone thinks that their grandma and grandpa is the best," she said.

All the winners read their winning essay entries at the North Dakota State Fair's "Senior Day Festival" held at the Upper Atrium of the State Fair Center last July 24. It also honored the senior citizens' contributions for the local community and the state of North Dakota.

Second placer Kelsey Neameyer, a fifth grader from St. John's Elementary School, said she wrote an essay about her Grandma Ivy "because she tells me how good of a singer I am." She and the other winners received a family trip to Medora, North Dakota's most famous family resort, as well as a fun weekend treat in Bismarck, the state's capital.

Apart from the awarding of essay writing contest winners who proudly read and dedicated their essays to their grandparents, vendor booths, an ice cream social and great entertainment also added fun to the festivity.

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