Thursday, October 16, 2008

Easy Essay Writing Tips

Essay WritingESSAY writing tips thrive not only in books but also over the Internet.

Sadly, many students take for granted all these copious gifts: They deem writing essays as “problematical,” period.

But an essay is the easiest kind of literary work to write. Because apart from being short, it has a format or structure that is so easy to follow, namely: the introduction, which begins with a sentence that should rouse the interest of readers; the body, where the ideas in the first part are expanded; and the conclusion, which summarizes the gist or main thought.

Here are three hints students have to keep in mind when tasked to write essays by their teachers:

Fix thoughts first. Essay writers not only experience partial loss of ability to go on writing—or the so-called writer’s block—they also go through “writer’s excitement”—their minds overflow with concepts. Hence, their ideas, when written, become distorted. They should write on a piece of paper each and every idea that comes out of their mind first then sieve the useful from the futile ones prior to writing the first draft. Students must have a general idea of their work so they will know where they are really heading to.

Be free from eyesores. These eye irritants include typographical and grammatical errors. Writing blunders make essays less credible. Students have no reason to commit lots of typos in their works anymore, what with the presence of spelling and grammar checkers in computer programs that make writing tasks easier done than said. On the other hand, essay writing wouldn’t be a problem if students have a full grasp of sentence structures as well as singularity and plurality of nouns—but that is if they listened to their teachers attentively from the time when they attended school and have read a lot of books since time immemorial. Grammar expertise cannot be acquired overnight: It’s a continual process that should have started at a tender age.

Keep in mind that more is valuable. Although essays need to be kept short but sweet, long essays—with about four to five sentences in every paragraph—are also within acceptable limits, as long as they give further details and enlighten readers about a particular topic.

Essay writing may be a daunting activity, but students have nothing to lose if they master this skill. Believe it or not, but those who write well eventually become successful in their chosen careers. Getting accustomed to writing essays is one and the same with opting for a brighter future!

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